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Multiplex IHC

Product Overview

Indica Labs’ Multiplex IHC module can be used for a variety of IHC applications. It separates up to five stains simultaneously and analyzes any subcellular compartment (nucleus, cytoplasm or membrane). This module is ideally suited for applications in immuno-oncology where multiple markers are required to characterize distinct immune and tumor cell populations within the tissue. Each cell is individually measured for cytoplasmic, nuclear, and/or membrane positivity. The software also reports a variety of other statistics relating size and staining intensity metrics.

In the example above, a tissue core is stained with a brown nuclear marker, blue membrane marker, pink/red cytoplasmic marker, and hematoxylin counterstain. In the corresponding markup image, positive nuclei are colored brown and negative nuclei colored blue. Similarly, cells identified as positive for the membrane and cytoplasmic markers are colored blue and pink, respectively. Advanced staining courtesy of the Trev and Joyce Deeley Research Centre, BC Cancer Agency.

The Multiplex IHC module integrates seamlessly into the HALO™ platform which is compatible with a number of third party systems and file formats.

Contact for product demonstration and pricing information or upload some images for a free trial.

Supported File Formats:

  • – Non Proprietary (JPG, TIF)
  • – 3D Histech (MRXS)
  • – Aperio (SVS, AFI, eSlideManager)
  • – Hamamatsu (NDPI, NDPIS)
  • – Leica (SVS, SCN, LIF)
  • – Mikroscan (TIF)
  • – Nikon (ND2)
  • – Olympus (VSI)
  • – Perkin Elmer (QPTIFF, Vectra TIF)
  • – Philips IMS
  • – Zeiss (CZI)

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