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Muscle Fiber – Fluorescence

Product Overview

The Indica Labs Object Co-expression FL module is designed to count and measure objects and classify them based on expression (or co-expression) of multiple markers.  This tool is an ideal fit for the classification and quantification of fibers in skeletal muscle cross-sections.

In the example shown, the software identifies human skeletal muscle fibers and measures three markers.  Type I fibers are are fluorescing on the blue channel, Type IIA fibers are fluorescing on the green channel, and Type IIX fibers are fluorescing on the red channel.   The software measures the intensity of each of the three markers within each fiber and classifies the fiber accordingly.

The Object Co-expression FL tool integrates seamlessly into the  HALO™ platform which is compatible with a number of third party systems and  file formats.

Contact info@indicalab.com for product demonstration and pricing information or upload some images for a free trial.


Supported File Formats:

  • – Non Proprietary (JPG, TIF)
  • – 3D Histech (MRXS)
  • – Aperio (SVS, AFI, eSlideManager)
  • – Hamamatsu (NDPI, NDPIS)
  • – Leica (SVS, SCN, LIF)
  • – Mikroscan (TIF)
  • – Nikon (ND2)
  • – Olympus (VSI)
  • – Perkin Elmer (QPTIFF, Vectra TIF)
  • – Philips IMS
  • – Zeiss (CZI)

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