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Serial Section Analysis

Product Overview

Indica Labs’ Serial Section Analysis module can be used to create a classifier based off of a reference slide (e.g., H&E), and apply that slide to serial sections stained for different IHC Markers (e.g., HER2, ER, PR).

In the example above, a tissue biopsy section is stained with hematoxylin and eosin. A classifier has been created segmenting tumor from stroma (Tumor in red, stroma in green). The software takes the Classifier created from the H&E image and allows you to apply the classified image to IHC-stained serial sections (e.g., ER, HER2) as regions of interest. The tumor regions, based off of the H&E classifier, are analyzed on the ER and HER2 slides using the Cytonuclear Module and Membrane Module, respectively.

The Serial Section Analysis tool integrates seamlessly into the   HALO™ platform which is compatible with a number of third party systems and  file formats.

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Supported File Formats:

  • – Non Proprietary (JPG, TIF)
  • – 3D Histech (MRXS)
  • – Aperio (SVS, AFI, eSlideManager)
  • – Hamamatsu (NDPI, NDPIS)
  • – Leica (SVS, SCN, LIF)
  • – Mikroscan (TIF)
  • – Nikon (ND2)
  • – Olympus (VSI)
  • – Perkin Elmer (QPTIFF, Vectra TIF)
  • – Philips IMS
  • – Zeiss (CZI)

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