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在尖端技术的支持下,通过持续关注易用性和对客户的竭诚服务,Indica Labs 的软件和服务正 被用于世界各地的病理学实验室和研究机构中,助力其取得重大发现。 了解我们的解决方案能如何帮助到您。

在尖端技术的支持下,通过持续关注易用性和对客户的竭诚服务,Indica Labs 的软件和服务正 被用于世界各地的病理学实验室和研究机构中,助力其取得重大发现。 了解我们的解决方案能如何帮助到您。

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HALO 图像分析平台具有不折不扣的易用性和灵活性,可以适应任何图像分析应用。

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HALO AI 是第一个用于数字病理学深度学习的直观界面,它赋予病理学家人工智能的力量。

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使用我们基于浏览器的图像管理系统 HALO LINK 与远程合作者共享图像和分析数据。

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如果您的图像分析工作量过大,或者需要更复杂的分析帮助,我们的 Pharma Service 团队可以为您提供帮助。

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HALO AP 平台为您的解剖病理学实验室带来以病例为中心的自动化、合作和量化功能。

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分别深入研究我们每个平台的功能,以及它们如何共同形成一个集成的解决方案。  只需点击右侧图像中的平台和它们之间的集成点。  


HALO is the image analysis workhorse of the HALO solution.

Within the user-friendly, modular HALO interface, users can tune algorithms to address their image analysis questions, create classifiers, segment TMAs, annotate images, export image analysis results, create figures from markup images, and more.

HALO modules make it easy to accomplish specific image analysis tasks without any image analysis expertise. New modules can be added anytime, so the platform can be scaled according to budget and need.

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HALO Link allows secure remote access to images and image analysis data generated by the HALO platform.

Data generated by HALO can be viewed and explored remotely via the browser-based HALO Link interface.  Importantly, HALO alone is not user aware. HALO Link provides secure access control to images and data stored in the HALO database.

Click on HALO and HALO Link to learn more about each of these platforms individually.

HALO Link is the sharing and management arm of the HALO solution.

Within the browser-based HALO Link interface, digital slides are organized into studies and can be shared with invited users. HALO Link is tied directly to the HALO database so analysis data, markups, and annotations generated by HALO and HALO AI can be viewed by remote users and collaborators via HALO Link without any need for HALO at remote sites - the perfect solution for CROs and core facilities!

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HALO Link provides the collaborative interface for HALO AI.

Neural networks need to be trained with more examples compared to other machine learning classifiers, so collaboration is an important part of HALO AI. To facilitate this collaboration, HALO AI is integrated with HALO Link. Using the browser-based HALO Link viewer and intuitive annotation tools, remote pathologists can train HALO AI without any requirement for HALO or HALO AI at the remote site.

Learn more about HALO AI and HALO Link by clicking on the respective sections to the left and right.

HALO AI enables deep learning tissue classification within the HALO solution.

HALO AI is used for advanced tissue classification and segmentation. Using a state-of-the-art GPU-driven neural network, HALO AI can handle stain and morphological variability better than other machine learning algorithms.

The difference between HALO AI and other deep learning platforms can be summed up in one word - usability. Designed to be used by pathologists not computer scientists, HALO AI is tightly integrated with HALO and HALO Link platforms providing an intuitive, visual interface for pathologists to use.

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The HALO platform is the primary user interface for HALO AI.

HALO AI is integrated within the user-friendly HALO interface. Pathologists can add classes in one click and train the neural network that underlies HALO AI by annotating slides using HALO's intuitive annotation tools. Importantly, classifiers created through HALO AI can then be used for region-of-interest (ROI) detection in any HALO algorithm module.

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Follow the links below to explore a few of our most popular applications.

HALO 应用案例


使用我们的多重 IHC 模块,可以对整个切片图像中的免疫细胞和肿瘤细胞标志物进行量化。   组织分类器模块用于分割肿瘤和基质,而空间分析模块用于邻近性和侵袭性切缘分析。    

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HALO 应用案例

对整个切片组织中的单个和多个 RNAscope® 探针进行定量

使用我们针对明场的 ISH 模块和针对荧光的 FISH 模块,我们演示了如何在每细胞或每单位面积的基础上量化来自 RNAScope® 检测的 ISH 信号,并根据 ACD Bio 推荐的评分指南输出总体表达评分。   

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借助 HALO AI™ 将深度学习从计算机实验室转移到病理学家手中

如果您最近参加过任何数字病理学会议,您肯定听到过人工智能或深度学习。 在本白皮书中,我们将介绍这一新兴技术的一些基础知识,并解释 HALO AI™  是如何让病理学社区能够接触到人工智能。

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我们的客户正在肿瘤学、神经科学和糖尿病研究方面取得重大发现。 查看我们的客户使用 HALO 图像分析平台和 Indica 分析模块发布的一些研究。

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